Almadaforma and the Eekhout Academy offer professional teacher training as international courses of 5 days, which are eligible for KA1 funding within the Erasmus+ programme.

Each course is the result of a previous international project or partnership.

Teach, Learn and Quality (Lisbon Beach, Portugal)

In this course, 3 different aspects of education quality are dealt with: its structure, the human element and the part of the school team. Participants will find out all about a quality framework, ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, the cyclic approach, (self-)evaluation, team dynamics and communication within their team in order to improve their school’s quality. Participants will also learn how to write their own quality plan.

Diversity in Education (Lisbon, Portugal)

In this course, participants will learn how to deal with diversity in an educational environment. We provide insight aspects of diversity and offer knowledge, skills and attitudes the participants need to use diversity as a key for school improvement. There are also visits to a centre for social and family support, a gender centre and a Sikh Temple.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (Lisbon, Portugal)

In this course, participants are offered some pedagogical and didactical approaches towards STEM. The course explores some practical cases (learning by doing) and finishes by a STEM exercise or ‘masterpiece’. We fully use the interesting aspects the city of Lisbon has to offer. We also integrate some digital visualising techniques.

Activating and Motivating Teaching Methods: the Power of Non-formal Learning (Lisbon, Portugal)

Methods of so-called non-formal learning can help to improve the student’s learning motivation. Participants will discover approaches to non-formal education, they will get to know some of these methods. The participants will get actively involved in non-formal learning and will also experience the different kinds of roles in it (facilitator, organizer, audience).

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